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August 2, 2006

The International Center Excursion

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Hey, look who showed up at the MSU IC today.  The entire gang did a whale of a job with interviews about the culinary delights that the IC has to offer.  After numerous opportunities to speak with the assembled masses, the campers stomped down the stairs and invaded the MSU Bookstore, food division.


Approximately 23 interviews later, we headed back to good old Bessey to debrief and hold our own little press conference.


What am I going to podcast?

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Wow, do we have a lot to do tomorrow!  What form is your podcast going to take?  Using the comment feature, please describe your thoughts about what you form you think you want your final podcast to take.  Then describe a little about what you plan to do.

Day 3 Agenda

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Here is a brief overview of Wednesday’s agenda. Today we begin the process of putting together all of the information we have gathered.

Getting ready to interview: Brainstorming questions 9:05-9:20

Practicing using the iPods 9:20-9:50 (Recall using the voice memo, practice using interview questions, and using proper interview format)

Audacity: Import voice memos into Audacity and explore editing tools 9:50-11:30

Trip to the International Center to interview using iPods/lunch 11:30-1:00

Back to Bessey Hall to create a voice recording of our experience at the International Center (1:00-2:00)

Post voice memos to the blog and present to the class (2:00-2:30)

Copyright responsibilities (2:30-2:45)

Finding podsafe music and importing into Audacity (2:45-4:00)

August 1, 2006

East Lansing’s Eateries

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What a great excursion into the unknown as we walked to Grand River and cruised the strip. We took in “Bubble Island,” “Flats Grill,” “Iggy’s,” “Cosi,” “Cold Stone Creamery,” “India Palace,” and “Georgio’s.”

What an interesting drink “Bubble Tea” is. This was my first experience with the drink, but it certainly won’t be my last. Fruity, sweet, and an interesting combination of lycee bubbles and other bubbles that I can’t recall at this juncture. Anyway, the feel of the bubbles on my tongue reminded me of small grapes (but much, much sweeter.)

“Flat’s” Monterrey Jack Cheese Flat sandwich was an interesting experience. As Jack stated, “It seems to be a combo of quesadillas, grilled cheese (and, by the way, we baked liked toasted cheeses on the walk to and from) and popcorn.” Jack, that says it all!

Gary Ignat, the owner of “Iggy’s,” gave our writers bowls of Mooney’s flavorful ice cream at his neat little shop. We all enjoyed the ambiance and atmosphere that is “Iggy’s.” Our campers were very intrigued with the idea that it is A-OK to write on the walls of the establishment.

The Indian restaurant enveloped our noses with some very interesting aromas, mostly on the spicy side. Also, the native music seemed to fit in the restaurant in a most unique and appropriate manner.

All in all, the trip was a hot, but fun, exercise introducing us to the culinary delights of downtown East Lansing.


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Man, IGGY’S was the best!! Right when the door swings open, the awesome smell of tacos slaps you in the face; it’s like it has a mind of its own! IGGY’S has more of a ’70s look with old pictures of rock bands and old cameras right above the bathroom door. The owner, Mr. Ignat, is a very generous and kind gentleman. As we were looking around, he said, “Free ice cream samples in 10 seconds,” and the best part was that it was free!! The Chocolate Moosetracks that I ate was the best I’ve ever had!!


When I opened my mouth to eat it, my mouth started watering (mm,m). After I had just eaten the top half, something inside hit me! I felt like I was having a meteor shower inside my noggin. It didn’t hurt too bad, but I could definitely tell it was a brain freeze!! The ice cream tasted like it was freshy made, kind of like a Krispy Kreme donut hot of the press, creamy and delicious! After I ate that I wanted to go back and eat more and more and more! Besides just selling ice cream, they had sandwiches for an average price of $4.15! You could choose what meat, bread, and cheese you wanted on your sandwich. You could have turkey with provolone cheese in between white bread. Or you might want the bologna with swiss cheese in between wheat bread. Or . . . you might want both!! IGGY’S also sold salads at an average price of $4.50! They range from Caeser salads to House salads, for you healthy eaters! Or if you feel mouth watering and your stomach growls for a burger, you can get a big, juicy burger, some chips, and a drink for only $4.95, and it isn’t fast food!! Did you know that IGGY’S was awarded for healthy and fresh products! I hope that you, yourself, can go to IGGY’S and enjoy the same experience I had!! And remember IGGY’S is the best!!!!!


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At Iggy’s, there was a lot to talk about. The atmosphere was calm, but you can picture bunches and bunches of people there, because the brick walls, for some reason, made it seem that way! Plus, they had a large counter, making it seem like they had many people at some points in the day. There was a lot of writing on the walls, probably from recent, artistic customers. The interesting thing about it was that all the dishes were named after old famous movies. In fact, one of the meals was called Nemo, and another Rocky! At Iggy’s, there was a large selection of healthy, fresh food, as we read about from the restaurant critiques posted on the back wall. You could a dish that was healthy, or something that was just plain delicious, like some ice cream. There were many interesting pictures on the walls, mostly movie advertisements, old ones. And I hadn’t heard of a single one! I only had the ice cream, but I could tell that the food there was scrumptious! But the decor was kind of strange, not that strange is bad. One table was made out of an old trunk, with a glass top! I would definitely suggest Iggy’s to anyone.


Iggy’s Ice Cream !!!

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The ice cream was great it glided down my throat with ease. The chocolate cream was a slimy creature that grasped your throat and climbed downward into the colossal of organs below. I grasped my spoon and unleashed the rich ice cream into my flavorless mouth that was soon to fall in love with that beloved cream.






Check Out The Bubbles!

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EXTRA! EXTRA! read all about it. Looking for a great place to go study or to chill? Bubble Island is a great place to do that. It has a cooling tropical theme and has games to play on a hot day. The decore was very realistic. The colors made you feel like you were in the tropics. It had everthing from tiki torches to palm trees. With great service, we’re offered free samples as we walk through the door. It was filled with many combinations for those picky eaters. They had different teas for different drinks including milk tea, green tea, and talpico. You can even mix and match different flavors; one woman had strawberry and apple. Our free samples were milk tea and black bubbles that tasted like a coffee flavor and looked like it too.The bubbles were gummie and did not have a real flavor to them. It was calm, cool, and collective. Talpico is completely different because it looked like juice, and the bubbles were very sweet and had a very appealing texture. The green tea is what I’m used to. It is flourishing with soothing karma.




So go visit them and BUBBLE IT UP anytime because it closes at 1am.


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This small coffee shop is cool and clean. They have free WiFi and an open atmosphere, which contributes to making this restaurant a great place for college students to study and relax. Cosi also has delicious meals that can fill a craving on your way to class. Their tables are very spread out from one another, yet they have plenty of room for more seating area. The windows are huge making this friendly coffee cafe seem wide open. If you live in or are ever planning oncoming to East Lansing, Cosi is a place you have to stop in and enjoy. The inhabitants of East Lansing probally would say the same about this quaint little coffee bistro located at the intersection of Grand River Avenue and M.A.C.

Brainstorming about the genre of our podcasts

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Things to consider when describing one of the places we’ve eaten:

All of our 5 senses

Podcast:  a radio broadcast available on the internet

Genres/Types of podcasts we brainstormed to create:
•    Comedy
•    Rap
•    Action
•    Suspenseful
•    Informative
•    Review
•    Poetry
•    Journal
•    Radio commercial advertising different restaurants
•    Anymore you can think of?

OR…how about a combination such as an action filled comedy or suspenseful informative piece?

Whatever we decide, we are all in agreement that we should not just write a summary to read onto our podcast.  We’ve been doing such wonderful descriptive writing as we’ve explored various places on campus, and we have what we need to do something really amazing!

Include similes, metaphors, personification, detailed descriptions that show not tell, alliteration, exaggeration, humor, wonderment or suspense

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