Culinary Compositions

August 3, 2006

Morning Warm-up

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Good morning! We are in the final stretch of our blogging and podcasting extravaganza. Please take a minute to complete the following warm-up. Please make your own post to the blog to complete the following. You can answer both prompts in one post.

  1. Read the agenda for Day 4 (Previous posting)
  2. Create a written description of your experience yesterday interviewing at the International Center for someone who couldn’t be there. Remember to use details in order to show, not tell.
  3. The final deadline has approached for our podcasts, and it is time to make a few decisions. Please clearly decide what genre/form your podcast will take. Then, please describe the audience your podcast is catered to. Be more specific than simply college students.

When you finish, please have a classmate edit your post.

Take your time to answer carefully. This will help us best get you going on your final podcasts and help you use time to its fullest.



  1. At the International center(I.C), We interviewed 6 pople each. The I.C was basiclly a giant food court, they had a panda express, a sparty store, a viesly pizza or something like that…etc, etc. The first couple of interviews were simple, but then I interviewed two people at once, but I wasn’t allowed to count it as two interviews! Unfortunatly, there were two kinds of people that I either couldn’t or were hard to interview. Perfessors and foreign students. When it was a perfessor,alot of the questions were left out. and when it was a foreign studen, they didn’t understand me. Doh! Afterwards, we went downstairs to the Spartan bookstore. Whichwas hardly a bookstore.They had lots of candy there! But that was only the part we went to. Interviewing people at the I.C was a great experience!

    Comment by berndi — August 3, 2006 @ 1:19 pm | Reply

  2. How is a food crituiqe supposed to take a genre? And who is there to be my audience anyway?

    Comment by berndi — August 3, 2006 @ 1:23 pm | Reply

  3. O.K. I will do a fictional story about a guy who ate some reaalllllyyyy spicy sauce, and needs some thing to wash his mouth out with. He calms himself at Bubble Island, almost kills himself at Flats (because of spicyness of food,not because it is terrible) and finnaly heals himself at Iggy’s. After the story, I will explain the good things about each restaurant, and I will tell everyone which restaurant is good for them.

    Comment by berndi — August 3, 2006 @ 1:36 pm | Reply

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