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August 1, 2006

Check Out The Bubbles!

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EXTRA! EXTRA! read all about it. Looking for a great place to go study or to chill? Bubble Island is a great place to do that. It has a cooling tropical theme and has games to play on a hot day. The decore was very realistic. The colors made you feel like you were in the tropics. It had everthing from tiki torches to palm trees. With great service, we’re offered free samples as we walk through the door. It was filled with many combinations for those picky eaters. They had different teas for different drinks including milk tea, green tea, and talpico. You can even mix and match different flavors; one woman had strawberry and apple. Our free samples were milk tea and black bubbles that tasted like a coffee flavor and looked like it too.The bubbles were gummie and did not have a real flavor to them. It was calm, cool, and collective. Talpico is completely different because it looked like juice, and the bubbles were very sweet and had a very appealing texture. The green tea is what I’m used to. It is flourishing with soothing karma.




So go visit them and BUBBLE IT UP anytime because it closes at 1am.



  1. Dominique:

    You have a wonderful way with words. It is fun to read your postings. You go, Girl, and keep up the excellent writing. (I loved the flourishing karma bit, too!)

    Mr. C.

    Comment by pcryderman8 — August 2, 2006 @ 1:46 am | Reply

  2. I loved the “The green tea is what I’m used to. It is flourishing with soothing karma” part! Nice advertisement dqueen! I’ll have to check it out, based on your blog posting! Thanks! Great job!

    Comment by clammy — August 2, 2006 @ 12:48 pm | Reply

  3. Dominique:

    The photos are grand! What a toast at the Bubble Island.

    Mr. C.

    Comment by pcryderman8 — August 2, 2006 @ 2:59 pm | Reply

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