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July 31, 2006

Dorm Food???

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I ate at Shaw Hall today. The food was great for cafeteria food. Ms. O’brien said that Wonders and Case hall has better food because they feed athletes. If I ate here everyday I would eat healthier on most days.



  1. Cameron:

    Interesting comments, especially the part about how you would eat “healthier” on most days. What would that mean? More salads? Less grease? What about some calcium, such as dairy products? I’m glad you enjoyed the cuisine at Shaw.

    Mr. C

    Comment by pcryderman8 — July 31, 2006 @ 5:49 pm | Reply

  2. “The food was great for cafeteria food” was a really interesting comment (and probably pretty true). What are your experiences with cafeteria food that this was great in comparison? What did you eat there that you would make healthier choices next time? I thought your comments were really interesting, but I wish I knew a little bit more about your experience. College students complain about dorm food ALL the time, so I would have loved to know why it was enjoyable in comparison.

    Comment by pcryderman8 — July 31, 2006 @ 7:02 pm | Reply

  3. I think that is agreat question. I am very curious

    Comment by dqueen — July 31, 2006 @ 7:03 pm | Reply

  4. As a current college student who lived in Case and Wonders Halls for four…going on five years…I would say that all the dorms on campus have similar food options that rotate regularly! Even though the dorms often have similar food choices each dorm has its own speciality that makes it fun to visit! Check out this website for more information on food at STATE: Totally Takeout is one of my favorite options that MSU offers (Look it up on the previously mentioned website!)! I really enjoy eating at MSU because I can go to any dorm on campus for dinner. So, if I’m at class on the east side of campus I don’t have to ride my bike all the way to Case to eat! I can eat at any of the dorms on the way home!

    Go GREEN!

    Comment by clammy — August 1, 2006 @ 1:51 am | Reply

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