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July 25, 2006

How to make a podcast

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1. Record and edit your audio recording in Audacity. Don’t forget to Save often! It might be helpful for you to save your project onto your desktop so you can find it easily.
2. When you are finished with your project, go to this website to download Lame Encoder. You will need Lame to export your project as an MP3. Follow the instructions on the page to install the program onto your computer. You will only need to do this once.

3. Once you have downloaded Lame, go back to Audacity.

4. In Audacity, go to File. Click on Export As MP3.

5. You will get a pop-up window. Fill in the Title, Artist, Album, and Genre.

6. Open up iTunes. Go to File, and click on Import. Find your MP3, which should be on your desktop. When you have found your project, click Choose. Your project is now in your iTunes library.

7. Now you will want to get an URL for your podcast. Go to OurMedia. Login with the username and password your teachers give you.

8. In the My Controls panel, click on Publish my media.

9. Click on the link that says Audio.

10. Click on the link that says Ourmedia publisher tool.

11. Download the free program, SpinXpress.

12. In SpinXpress, find your group and click on it.

13. In the bottom right window named Files, click on +Add to add your file.

14. Find your MP3 file in your iTunes folder.

15. Double click on your MP3 file, and it will be added to the Files window in SpinXpress.

16. Highlight your file and click the Publish button.

17. Navigate through the screens–it will ask you for an e-mail address and password. Get these from your teachers.

18. Under License Rights, choose one of the Creative Commons attributes.

19. Under Common Information, make sure you fill out the Title, Creator’s name, Description, and Keywords. For Work Format, select Audio(Including Music)

20. In the next window, select Spoken Word.

21. In the next window, Set Media Format, you will probably select 128Kbps MP3 (but you will want to check your file in iTunes to make sure by clicking on your file and Get info).

22. When you are finished, you will get a box that gives you a URL. Click on it, and it will take you to your podcast.

23. Go to the URL’s link, click on it.

24. Copy the URL.

25. Go back to our blog, and write a new post. Insert a hyperlink by clicking on some text, hitting the link button, and pasting your new URL.

26. You are now a podcaster!


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