Culinary Compositions

July 31, 2006

how was the food

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tell me what u thought about the food today in the cafiteria.


Intro to Cam

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Check out this podcast.

How embarresed were you

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Puting together a podcast was fun but kind of embarrassing for me leave me some comments and tell me what u thought

The End

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well, the first day of camp comes to a close.  Long …….but  interesting. Any opinions?

Day #1 (Monday) Reflection Questions

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Please post your answers to the following questions on the blog by making comments to this posting!

1.   Now that you have made an actual podcast and used the blog, what questions do you have?  Did you find these tasks to be easy or difficult?

2.   What are three important things that you learned today (please do more than list three items; tell a little bit about the three!)

Dorm Food???

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I ate at Shaw Hall today. The food was great for cafeteria food. Ms. O’brien said that Wonders and Case hall has better food because they feed athletes. If I ate here everyday I would eat healthier on most days.

Food Choice

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Some selections our campers may have

Campers Chillin’ at Shaw

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Jamie jumping at the chance for ice cream in the dorm. jamie.gif

Attack of the Mustard Man

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Did you happen to see this desperado at lunch?  Beware the mad mustard man!mustard-man.gif

The Frustration of Technology

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Boy, when technology works, it really works.  But, when it doesn’t, it can drive a person to the loony bin!  Today, specifically this morning, the tech wasn’t working so well.  Probably operator error.  Whatever!  We are on our way now.  Almost lunch time and a trip to Shaw Hall.  More to follow.

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