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January 15, 2007

This Won’t Work.

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Listen…You REALLY need to take this down…


August 4, 2006

After the battle

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so, how is everyone? I know it is only a couple of hours after the open house, but still. How aarrrrreee you doing?

August 3, 2006

Many Thanks!!!

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It has been a privelege to work with 5 truly talented and exceptional kids. Thanks to Cameron, Dominique, Mike, Jamie, and Jack for exploring blogging and podcasting with us. We had a great time, and we hope you did too!!

In particular:

Mike: For giving everything 100% effort and really being a leader.

Jamie: For sticking through it even though the technology didn’t always treat you well!

Dominique: For being the queen

Jack: For your originality and creativity

Cameron: For having patience and not quitting when Audacity gave up on you!

Keep on blogging and podcasting! We’ll see you on the blog!

Ms. O’Brien, Mr. C., and Ms. Goodrich

Jamie’s Cool Podcast

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Check out Jamie’s podcast right here!


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What up? This is Mike 369. Check out my podcast, and leave me a comment to let me know how I did. I would like to thank Richard Jackson for letting me use his song “No Time To Play”.


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Check out my radio broadcast about our fun camp.  It is short but interesting.  I would like to thank Addek for letting us use your song called “Christians”.

The Critique Theater- My final podcast

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After about a week of hard work I give my final podcast-The Critique Theater

Click here to view it

And may I thank Hellozero for the song Romany dance Gitano Flamenco!

Camp Survey

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Please take this survey at the end of the day.

Morning Warm-up

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Good morning! We are in the final stretch of our blogging and podcasting extravaganza. Please take a minute to complete the following warm-up. Please make your own post to the blog to complete the following. You can answer both prompts in one post.

  1. Read the agenda for Day 4 (Previous posting)
  2. Create a written description of your experience yesterday interviewing at the International Center for someone who couldn’t be there. Remember to use details in order to show, not tell.
  3. The final deadline has approached for our podcasts, and it is time to make a few decisions. Please clearly decide what genre/form your podcast will take. Then, please describe the audience your podcast is catered to. Be more specific than simply college students.

When you finish, please have a classmate edit your post.

Take your time to answer carefully. This will help us best get you going on your final podcasts and help you use time to its fullest.

Day 4 Agenda

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Here’s the plan…

Thoughtfully complete the warm-up in your own post 9:05-9:20

Copyright responsibilities/Creative Commons video 9:20-9:40

Review the basic components of a podcast and gather our handouts (9:40-9:50)

Workshop time to podcast (9:50-11:15)  Let us know when you’re ready for a snack.

BREAK to the Dairy Store (11:15-11:45)

More podcast workshop time (11:45-12:30)  When your voice track is complete, you may search for, and add, music.

Lunch (12:30-1:00)

Peer conferencing (1:00-1:20)

Finish podcast to post to the blog by 2:50!  Workshop, edit, and post (1:20-2:50)

Post-assessment and camp surveys on Survey (2:50-3:15)

Practice presentations for parents while sharing podcasts with classmates (3:15-4:00)

See you back at the Writing Center at 6:00 for our presentations!

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